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Delphi, Arachova


Delphi, the place where the most important religious center of ancient times was born and flourished, gathers the historical and archaeological interest in the region. The “Navel of the Earth” is uniquely situated on the southern slopes of Mount Parnassus.

Arachova is a town on the mountain, built on the rung of a ridge that descends from the peaks of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Pleistos. It is famous for its textiles and red dry wine.

In this brief visit to Delphi -chosen by gods and people as the center of the ancient world, where the famous Delphic sanctuary and the most famous oracle used to operate- you’ll have the opportunity to see the important political, religious and social role of the Apollonian oracle at that time.
You’ll also appreciate the oracle’s contribution in the domestication of morals by introducing catharsis and justice and enforcing moral order and harmony in the world. You will also recognize its primary role in the development of civilization, without ignoring its key role in the spread of Hellenism via colonization.
Through the miraculous discoveries of excavations exposed at the Museum (architectural sculptures, statues and miniatures, offerings) we will try to recreate with our imagination the bygone form of the archaeological site, exploring both the topography and the monuments.


Day by Day Itinerary

Athens – Delphi

Morning departure from the center of Athens (Acadimias & Sina Strs) to Delphi with intermediate stopover. Guided tour to Delphi archaeological site where each stone has its own fascinating history. We will stand in the ancient stadium, where the Pythian Games were held every four years, and we will walk along the Sacred Way. We will admire the “Treasures”, the Gymnasium, the Athena Pronaia Temple and the wonderful, symbolic, Castalia fountain. We continue along to the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, where the exhibits include architectural sculptures, statues and miniatures from the offerings of the sanctuary of Delphi. Following, optional meal in a local tavern.

Delphi – Arachova

Our tour continues with a visit of Arachova, a scenic mountainous city. We will have a walk in the picturesque streets and free time for coffee and a pleasant afternoon.

Arachova – Athens

Return to Athens by nightfall.


Departures & Rates

  • Su 28/01/2018

  • Su 25/02/2018

Lodging: No overnights. 25€, Taxes: 0€


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Tour includes:

  • Transport: Luxurious coach bus
  • Entrance fees (e.g. museums): Museum and archaeological sites entrance fees not included
  • Property Damage Liability Insurance
  • Tours and excursions: Museum and archaeological site guided tour
  • Representative / Guide: Nineta Moisi
  • Travel dossier with useful information